Vendor Registration

If you craft beautiful and/or useful things, and would like to add them to our marketplace, you can set up your own store very easily. Go to the Vendor Registration link on the Top Menu of any page and follow the instructions. We look forward to welcoming you aboard 🙂

Which Items Are Allowed On Bamboo Mansion?

  • Handcrafted or handmade items
  • Up-cycled and repurposed items
  • Prints, photographs, digital prints and screen-printed items
  • Small-run, locally-manufactured products

Which Items Are Not Allowed?

  • Items which blatantly infringe copyright
  • Large-run, machine-manufactured products that can be found on large reseller sites such as Amazon

If you see products on the site that do not meet our requirements, please contact us. For more info about selling, please visit our FAQs page.




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